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Untapped potential meets world-class services

At The Leech LLC, we support your personal brand growth so you can focus on what you do best competing. Growing your personal brand isn’t always a breeze, but with The Leech LLC it can be effortless.


We are an international athlete branding and business management agency rooted in Chicago. Our goal is to take you and your personal image to the next level with top-notch consulting to see your athletic career explode into financial success. Why The Leech LLC? Because we offer unprecedented connections to athletes, sponsors, businesses, and advertising agencies across the globe. As soon as you begin working with us, you will see speedy results through public appearances, name recognition, sponsorships, licensing deals, and social media marketing assistance.


We are committed to your personal development from the beginning of our partnership. There has never been a better time to skyrocket your career than now, so why are you waiting? Contact us today!

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