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Meet Our Team

Our Top-Notch Sports Consulting is Delivered by Industry Luminaries!

Harley Dou, CEO & President 
Harley is a visionary entrepreneur with two decades of experience in the industry. Throughout his career, he has held various senior-management positions in multiple leading global consulting firms. Since 2010, he has founded several successful companies, including a management consulting firm, a cross-border consulting firm, an investment management company, and has been involved in American real estate development. His expertise in management and consulting makes him an ideal fit to drive your athletic career forward at The Leech LLC.             


Brian Su, Senior Advisor 
Brian is a highly experienced professional in the consulting field. With over three decades of experience, he is a leader in creating successful business strategies. He is the founder and president of Artisan Business Group, a cross-border consulting firm that has provided guidance to companies with projects totaling over US$1 billion in the United States, China, Latin America, and the Caribbean. He is currently serving as the executive director of the Ma Jian International Sports Education Foundation. His expertise in data-driven decision making for business planning, market analysis, and risk management makes him the perfect match for athletes seeking to boost their public image.


James Hyun, Legal Counsel
James has a distinguished career in civil and criminal litigation, spanning nearly 30 years. Throughout his practice, he has earned a reputation for his tenacity, compassion, extensive legal expertise, and exceptional courtroom skills. As a member of the Illinois Trial Association, the Chicago Bar Association, and the Illinois State Association of lawyers, James is dedicated to upholding justice and protecting due process. He has successfully handled numerous high-profile cases that received media attention in the United States. Additionally, James has served as the lead trial attorney in several international transactions involving overseas corporations.

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